About Mobile Builder.ie

Mobilebuilder.ie was set up in 2013 to provide an on line service that allows businesses to build mobile websites for themselves at a very cost effective price. We are part of the River Consultancy which is a business that specialises in websites, mobile websites and apps specifically aimed at small and medium business.

If you are seeking to get a website or app developed, contact us, mobilebuilder.ie is an example of a site we developed and we would be delighted to quote for your next project.

We wanted to offer clients who may not have mobile websites an easy to use cost effective way of getting into mobile. We wanted to do this at a level that made it easy for small business to become involved in mobile with a functional site that was useful and reflected well on their business.

We have insured that the sites have access to meaningful technology meaning you can run a commercial site here on mobilebuilder.ie.

The site is for self builders, use our guides and design tips to get the most from it, we look after the technology side however, we do not offer design advise or help, if you need a site built by a professional just order one of our custom mobile design services.

Agency and Freelancers are welcome to register to develop sites for their clients, we have a host of features including the ability for you to “whitelabel” the service.

Mobilebuilder.ie is owned and operated by Mobile Building Solutions RBN number 491432, registered in the Republic of Ireland.

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